MetalGate Czech death fest - OpenAir 2011


MetalGate Czech death fest - OpenAir 2011 – the alliance of two festivals

MetalGate and Czech death metal icon, band Tortharry, proudly present their newest joint venture, u unique fusion of summer metal festivals MetalGate OpenAir and Czech Death Fest. Both previously separate enterprises were very much akin in terms of format and focus primarily on the Czech metal scene, and their union thereby downright suggested itself. And thus it happened. In Fall 2010, both organizing sides agreed on a mutual cooperation and what was till that point only a theoretical possibility, started to gain tangible contours.

On Friday, June 10th, and Saturday, June 11th2011, the Autocamp Brodský in Červený Kostelec shall host the result of our joint efforts, the MetalGate Czech Death Fest OpenAir 2011 festival. Within these two days the total of 30 bands, including two headliners, shall occupy the festival stage. Since the dramaturgy is also a joint project, you can look forward to, on one hand a cross-selection of metal styles and sub-genres, which has been the hallmark of MetalGate OpenAir, and on the other hand a solid load of death metal and grindcore that has formed the cornerstone of Czech Death Fest. So, there will be something for de facto everyone.

Music-wise, there will be indeed plenty to choose from. First of all, we are delighted that we can announce the name of the first headliner, the Greek black metal band ROTTING CHRIST. This Hellenic phalanx shall charge the stage already on Friday evening. The name of the Saturday headliner will be revealed later on. Furthermore, our festival will host one of the few festival shows of resurrected Czech death metal band HYPNOS which continues the legacy of the iconic band Krabathor.

Regarding other bands, you can look further to for example Tortharry, German black metal band Abstinenz, Dementor, Six Degrees of Separation, Heiden, Melancholy Pessimism, Abstract Essence, BUT, Minority Sound, G.O.R.E., Return to Innocence, Opitz, Secret of Darkness or Arch of Hell.

The festival commotion will commence at 16:00 on Friday, 10 AM on Saturday.

Information regarding ticket prices, presale and other festival news will be gradually released on the official festival website