MetalGate Czech death fest - OpenAir 2012


MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2012 – the Czech metal feast returns

The third weekend in June, that is Friday June 15 and Saturday June 16 2012, shall be marked by the fourth installment of a unique display of Czech and Slovak metal, by the summer open air festival MetalGate Czech Death Fest 2012. You can look forward to two-day horn of heavy metal plenty, where else than in the pleasant and user-friendly environment of Autocamp Brodský in Červený Kostelec.

Same as last time, the festival roster consists of mainly domestic bands, several foreign guests and two main headliners. Once again, 30 bands in total. Style differentiation has also been preserved, meaning that beside death and grind mayhem, the agenda shall include excursions into other metal subgenres, from black over folk metal and metalcore to doom.

And whom specifically can you look forward to? First and foremost, regarding the festival headliners, the Friday prime time shall be devoted to the cofounders of the so-called Gothenburg school of melodic death metal, the Swedish band DARK TRANQUILLITY. On Saturday, the dominion over the festival shall be passed to one of the iconic bands of U.S. death metal, SUFFOCATION. The third purely foreign festival guest shall be the Spanish black metalheads NOCTEM, whom you could see in November 2010 on the Prague show of Gorgoroth European Tour.

From the Czech scene, the lineup consists of festival co-organizers and death metalheads TORTHARRY, also of ISACAARUM (grind-black), LIVEEVIL (metal-electronica), CRUADALACH (folk metal), POPPY SEED GRINDER (death-hardcore), MARTYRIUM CHRISTI (death), TROLLECH (pagan black), ABSTRACT ESSENCE (avantgarde-metal), GORGONEA PRIMA (industrial-black), PSYCHOTIC DESPAIR (aggro-emo), F.O.B. (death-metalcore), MINCING FURY (death-grind), MATER MONSTIFERA (atmospheric black), UNBORN (trash metal), FEEBLE MINDED (death), ET MORIEMUR (doom) and more.

The Slovakian scene shall be represented by the trinity of BRAINSCAN (alternative-metal), ATTACK OF RAGE (grind) and SUBURBAN TERRORIST (death).

One festival slot is also reserved for the winner of the third installment of metal bands contest MetalGate Massacre.
The beginning of Friday commotion is scheduled for 15:00. On Saturday we begin at 10:00.

Ticket presale is up and running. Till the end of the year, you can buy the first emission of tickets for 490 CZK/20 Euro either online via Tortharry shop (, or in person in the offices of MetalGate/MMC Praha, Novodvorská 994/138, Prague 4. After New Year, tickets shall also be available in presale networks.