Captain Cleanoff

Captain Cleanoff
Captain Cleanoff are the stab in the neck that all the trend driven, over polished safe metal needed. With one foot planted assuredly among the past greats and the other foot aimed squarley at your face- fans of the old school unite, the Captain is on deck.” J. Nixon, BMA. 2010 Captain Cleanoffs' sordid history begins in the South Australian city of Adelaide in 1997.

The band spent the first three years working out a solid line up and managing to produce a demo and two split 7” releases with Drunkard and Open Wound, as well as support Brutal Truth on their 1998 Australian tour. By 2000 the line-up had solidified into the core unit of founding members Ben (vocals) and Adrian (guitars) with Rohan (guitar) and Anand (bass) joining in '97 and Murray (drums) joining in early 2000. Never ones to take the easy road, the band began the arduous task of keeping a band together separated into three Australian states by thousands of miles, earning the moniker “tri-state grind”.

With the line up stable, the band entered the studio to record their self titled mini CD release and began a pulverising touring campaign on Australian soil with shows including another Brutal Truth tour and regular spots on Australia’s fabled annual festival of all things heavy, Metal for the Brain. 2006 saw the band enter the studio to begin work on a full length album, whilst juggling the challenges of living in different cities, family commitments and of course working to earn enough money to fund the recording.

Two years of hard slog with mixing and mastering duties performed by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer and an international label home on Czech grind uber label Obscene Productions unleashed “Symphonies of Slackness” on an unsuspecting public. The album catapulted the band to prominence among Australian grind acts and saw them support a bevy of international acts such as Suffocation, Municipal Waste and Napalm Death on Australian shores.

The success of these shows and the albums reception in the metal community worldwide culminated in a European summer tour including the vaunted Obscene Extreme festival in the Czech Republic. 2010 has seen a line up change with the amicable departure of Anand and the arrival of Blood Duster’s Jason PC. taking over bass duties. The band is not resting during this transitional period and they’re currently preparing a split 7” with Australian grind champions The Kill and the new album due for an early 11 release.

The transition between Jason and Anand will take place on the bands first US tour which will include a mouth watering spot on the Maryland Death Festival and a number of dates afterwards. The band are more focussed and prepared than at any time in their history to spread the grind worldwide. Best get onto the bandwagon for your favourite grind band now.