Starting in 1989, Sinister was a band arising in the middle of the Death-Metal hype. After releasing a demo, which sold about 1500 copies, a promo tape followed. Sending out the promo to various labels resulted in signing up at Nuclear Blast Records, Germany 1991.
There debut CD 'Cross the Styx' saw the light in early 1992, and sold many copies worldwide. Many live shows all over Europe followed. Touring with bands like Suffocation, Cannibal Corpse and Deicide increased the number of people knowing Sinister.
In the years after that, Sinister succeeded in maintaining their popularity by releasing their second album 'Diabolical Summoning' (1993), 'Hate' (1995) and doing many live shows all over Europe and a very successful 55 show-tour through all the USA.
At the end of this period, Death-Metal got less popular, lots of Death-Metal fans switched over to Black-Metal, Gothic and other atmospherical music. Sinister never thought about playing other music than their favourite; Death-Metal. more....
Some years past and the band released their mini-CD 'Bastard Saints' (1996), and played a few live-shows. Several line-up changes followed, and led Sinister to write their most aggressive brutal and intense album so far 'Aggressive Measures' (1998).
This time their maintenance in Death-Metal payed off. Death-Metal is back, where for Sinister it never left. The response from fans and critics where good, sold lots of albums and played lots of good shows, of which a short US-tour and good festivals like Wacken open air, Milwaukee Metalfest and Czech Dynamo blessed their way. Yet the cooperation between Sinister and vocalist Eric didn't work out very well, which lead to Eric's departure in August 1999. Sinister was searching for a new singer. After some serious tryouts with different singers, Rachel came out best and the band started concentrating on the next record. Creative Killings was released at Hammerheart Records, September 2001. Shortly, after the release guitarist Bart decided to quit the band. A replacement was found in Pascal. The album was promoted with shows in Russia, Belarus and a 26 show tour across the rest of Europe.
In 2002 Sinister decided to join forces again with Nuclear Blast records. The result is the release of their latest album ,Savage or Grace’, which will be released may 12th. The album will be massively promoted through shows in Mexico, Columbia and a two week tour with Cannibal Corpse across Europe.