Slytract was established in 2005. May, after Gábor B. Melegh’s previous crew disbanded.
After a break Gábor founded the Slytract with two other guys.
After the first times in the rehearsal the first drummer suddenly had left the band. There were many problems, ’cause the he didn’t want to make it really seriously.
After his decision Tamás Galántay the new Slytract drummer joined the band and due to it the activity of Slytract increased as Gábor has imagined before.
The first step was in 2006 March, when the Slytract recorded the first demo with seven songs. Reviews were released by the local media, but the this demo was immature and wasn’t a good piece.
At the summer of 2006 Gábor broke his leg and this brake-period caused changes in the band. The problem was the bass player, he didn’t wan to care seriously with the Slytract, so he had to left the band.
In the meantime Gábor and Tamás spent a lot of hours and days in the rehearsal, due to the probes the music style of Slytract has turned into thrash/death metal.
In this period the important task was, to find the new bassplayer. Viktor Jakab was the new guy who joined the band in 2006 October. Gábor’s leg was cured and many concerts were at the door again, in foreign countries too.
The next EP (009) was recorded in 2007 April with three songs, with better sound, and bigger calculation. The reviews about this EP were very very good in every magazines and webzines.
The time has arrived to send press-kits of 009 EP to labels. More than 30 companies and labels got 009 EPs and the austrian NoiseHead Records took an offer to the band and after a month the NoiseHead – Slytract contract was signed.
After the signing Viktor couldn’t continue the working in Slytract, so the new bass-player is Ákos Tuza.
In 2008 February the Slytract recorded the debut album in Vienna. On the CD there are 9 songs. The producer was Mario Jezik.
The album was released in 2008 April and the Release Party was in Vienna in Viper Room, The Headliner band was the Graveworm.
The albums due to the lot of distro partners are in many countries, and in the USA the distribution partner is the Relapse Records.
In Hungary the band cooperates with Powerground Management which company can support the Slytract on the rigth way.
The first music video was produced by Slytract in 2008 May based on the third track „Answer” of the album.
The reviews of the debut album are really good, and the Slytract got more and more invitations from organizers and magazines, due to it the band can reach higher levels and give more concerts.
On the concerts there is a session guitarist, Gyula Czeglédi.